The Ingredients:
Now here's a list of some ingredients that are really great to have hense why Ultra Organic skin care have all these ingredients:
Aloe Vera is an essential first aid necessity. There are over 400 species of Aloe Vera. It's a potent healing and regenerative agent especially for burns, rashes or sunburn. Aloe Vera juice can also be taken internally to aid digestion and has been effective in soothing stomach ulcers and improving regularity of the colon, among other benefits. 
Purified water (triple filtered and reverse osmosis purified) removes chemicals from water either through filters or through osmosis, which stunts the chemicals to the side leaving the remaining water chemical-free.
Rosehip Oil is very high in linoleic and linolenic acid (Vit F) which are essential skin nutrients; Vitamin A, which helps with cell regeneration, collagen and elastin production, leading to firmer, smoother and more elastic skin; and essential fatty acids (Vit E), which help achieve healthy skin. Studies show its regenerative success with skin problems such as scar tissue, burn scars, acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, dermatitis, psoriasis, premature aging, UV and radiation damage, reduction of wrinkles, and improved overall appearance of skins natural tone and color.
Avocado Oil (Persea Gratissima) is a rich and nourishing moisturizer that penetrates deeper into the skin than any other plant, making it ideal for mature skin. It is high in vitamins A (helps with cell regeneration), D (a powerful anti-oxidant and ant-carcinogen). If you don't eat meat or fish and avoid the sun, avocados and eggs are primary sources for this essential vitamin. It is also rich in vitamin E (considered the youth mineral due to numerous benefits for anti-aging such as reducing wrinkles and fine lines, protection from UV rays, pollution and other free radicals. It also has the form of an effective, natural alcohol making it anti-bacterial and also helps regulate vitamin A). Avocado Oil is know to help stimulate collagen metabolism and slow down the visible signs of aging.
Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis) a wax ester, which are naturally found in skin, is the closest in composition to the skins natural sebum so it's very easily absorbed and rarely causes reactions. It has a very slight odor and can be used as a carrier for other ingredients and oils. Jojoba oil is rich in vitamins E, and B as well as minerals such as copper, zinc and silicon chromium. Plus it has antimicrobial properties and it nourishes and revitalizes the skin. 
Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis), rich in vitamin D, protein, glucosides, minerals, oleic and fatty acids, is and excellent nourishing emollient helping condition the skin resulting in younger, softer looking skin. Sweet almond oil is particularly useful in relieving itchy, sore, dry and inflamed skin experienced during pregnancy.
Grapeseed Oil (Vitis Vinifera) is easily absorbed and does not leave a greasy residue on the skins surface. It is light oil rich in vitamins, minerals proteins and GLA and low in saturated fats. Grapeseed oil helps strengthen tissue cells and has very nourishing properties.
Rosehip Extract has trans-retinoic acids combined with unsaturated essential fatty acids making it effective in treating and regenerating damaged skin. It can help reduce scarring, stretch marks, dermatitis, fine line and wrinkles, burns, chicken pox and acne scarring, eczema scarring, psoriasis scarring and hyper-pigmentation. It is an excellent oil to re-hydrate, soothe, tone and refine the skin.
Lavender (Lavendula Angustifolia) has been known to improve circulation which actually helps in reducing cellulite and water retention. For skin troubled with acne, lavender can help due to its antiseptic and antibiotic properties. Its regenerative, calming and healing properties are suitable for all skin types.
Grapefruit Extract is a potent antibacterial and anti-fungal agent that can heal and soothe. However, watch out for this one and make sure it is only real grapefruit extract. Companies often want to avoid liabilities and opt for industrial 'grapefruit extracts' that have harmful additives such as benzethonium chloride. So it depends on the product.
Olive Extract is perfect for removing make-up. It is high in vitamin E and full of anti-oxidants. It is an excellent skin protector and helps prevent wrinkles.
Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate) has very high amounts of essential fats and antioxidants which help accomplish sloughing away dead skin cells and replacing them with healthy new cells leaving moisturized, soft and smooth skin. It also in an anti-inflammatory.
Vitamin B3 have been shown to reduce many signs of skin aging, including hyperpigmentation and redness.
Vitamin B5 acts as a skin moisturiser, helping to keep skin soft, smooth and healthy. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory by stimulating your skin's healing processes. It is deeply hydrating and it even helps to keep skin moist by absorbing moisture from the air
CoQ10 has at least two important roles in the body. First, it is one of the essential cogs in the biochemical machinery that produces biological energy (ATP) inside the cells. Second, CoQ10 is an antioxidant. It helps neutralize harmful free radicals, which are one of the causes of aging. Under perfect conditions, the body can produce as much CoQ10 as it needs. However, various factors, such as aging, stress and some medications, can lower the levels of CoQ10 in the body. As a result, the ability of cells to withstand stress and regenerate declines. Unfortunately, the levels of CoQ10 in the body almost inevitably decline with age. In fact, CoQ10 is regarded as one of the most accurate biomarkers of aging since its decline correlates so well with the aging process.
Snail Secretion
This super-healing mucus is rich in Allantoin, Glycolic Acid, Glycosaminoglycans, Proteoglycans, Elastin, hyaluronic acid and Collagen. It works as in many ways providing moisturizing, anti-oxidant, protective and regenerate benefits. It has also been found to be beneficial in the treatment and management of scars, minor abrasions, acne and wrinkles. This makes sense given what we already know about the key chemicals present in the mucus.

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